This registry has been developed to track and display publicly the issuance of OBP Credits and their retirement, in the framework of the OBP Neutrality Subprogram.

OBP Credits

An OBP Credit represents a kg of non-commercially recyclable OBP that has been removed from the environment and properly treated by a certified organization.

Each OBP Credit has its own unique serial number. OBP Credits are issued in batch. Each batch is composed of a block of serial numbers using the following structure:

Year-Batch-Verification Entity-OBP Category-Plastic Type-Project ID-Country Code-Block Number Start-Block Number End.

To see the detailed explanation of the serial number structure follow this link.

OBP Credits are traded and retired in Blocks. The Block size associated with these transactions can be smaller than the Block size at issuance.

OBP Credits Issuance

OBP Credits are issued by organizations certified to the OBP Neutralization Services Provider Standard. Once an organization has received its certificate, meaning that its collection and treatment practices comply with the standard, and that is effectively collected and treated a given quantity of OBP, it can request its Certification Body to issue batches of OBP Credits. OBP Credits batches are issued after a documentary verification by the Certification Body that work was effectively performed. This verification is materialized by the emission of a Neutralization Certificate by the Certification Body and the serialization of the OBP Credits by ZPO.

This means that when an OBP Credit is issued the corresponding quantity of Non-Commercially recyclable OBP has been removed from the environment and treated. OBP credits are based on work effectively done.

Organizations also need to re-certify every year to be able to continue issuing OBP Credits.

OBP Credits Retirement

Once OBP Credits reach the final beneficiary (the organization that will use these OBP Credits to offset a plastic footprint), the OBP Credits are retired so they can not be traded or used anymore. Having a unique identifier per OBP Credit and retiring them as soon as they are used by the final beneficiary ensure that no OBP Credit is used more than once.

OBP Credits Transactions

Issuance and retirement operations are publicly registered here. Intermediate trading transactions are recorded internally by Zero Plastic Oceans. To be able to transact OBP Credits you shall first contact ZPO in order to create your account.


Issuance DateBatch Serial NumbersIssuing Project IDOBP Credits QtyNeutralization Certificate
19/01/20222022-1-CUC-POTENTIAL OBP-MIXED-TONTOTON/1-VN-0.001-108.090TONTOTON/1108 090NEUCERT.877442_01.2022
28/12/20212021-4-CUC-SHORELINE OBP-MIXED-HHI/1-MY-0.001-76.436HHI/176 436NEUCERT.871526 _01.2021
28/12/20212021-3-CUC-WATERWAYS OBP-MIXED-HHI/1-MY-0.001-12.013HHI/112 013NEUCERT.871526 _01.2021
06/12/20212021-2-CUC-POTENTIAL-MIXED-TONTOTON/1-VN-0.001-101.530TONTOTON/1101 530OBP.NEUCERT.877442_02.2021
15/07/20212021-1-CUC-POTENTIAL-MIXED-TONTOTON/1-VN-0.001-75.380TONTOTON/175 380OBP.NEUCERT. 877442_01.2021


Retirement DateSerial Numbers Block RetiredRetired ByRetirement Beneficiary*Retirement details*
22/12/20212021-1-CUC-POTENTIAL-MIXED-TONTOTON/1-VN-9.054-10.053ClimeCo4PS Corporation
ClimeCoClimeCo Green
19/10/20212021-1-CUC-POTENTIAL-MIXED-TONTOTON/1-VN-1.001-5.000ClimeCoYWC SrlOn behalf of Sunstar Italiana SRL.

*Beneficiary may wish to remain anonymous and not provide details about the retirement.

In case you find any missing information, incorrect information in this table, or that something is not right please take the time to contact us via our contact form to report what you have noticed. Your help is very important to make sure the certification scheme is trustworthy and the information about it is transparent and accurate