Ocean bound plastic recycling subprogram

This certification subprogram allows companies to make certified claims about the origin of the Ocean Bound Plastic and the content of Recycled Ocean Bound Plastic of products. The program certifies the full value chain with 2 standards : the OBP Collection Organization Standard which covers the collection, and the OBP Recycling Organization Standard which covers all the other steps until final product commercialization.

Scope of the certification

The key requirements of the OBP Certification for the Recycling Subprogram are:

International social and environmental standards are implemented all along the value chain of plastic collection, transformation, and disposal, including no child labor, fair working conditions, fair payments to the waste pickers and adequate waste management.

The origin of the collected plastic waste as OBP, and additional options such as Shoreline OBP or Waterways OBP.

The traceability all along the supply chain, covering collection, preparation, transformation, incorporation into new product and sales of the products containing Recycled OBP (following example is the traceability along the value chain applying the Mass Balance Model, for the OBP Recycling Subprogram)

Optionally, the Standard permits source declaration for the OBP which can be traced back to a specific river, coastline or city for example

getting certified – further information

Certifications are given by approved certification bodies

To be certified you shall contact one the approved certification bodies from the list available at this page. The certification body is an independent third party that will verify your compliance to our standards and upon successful audit of your organization will deliver you the certificate for the scope you have chosen to certify.

More information

You can check all the certification documents on our document center you can also reach out to us and we will happily guide you through the best way to get certified.