About Zero Plastic Oceans

Created in 2019, Zero Plastic Oceans is a non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to addressing plastic pollution issues. Our organization was born from the observation that most plastic waste ending up in the ocean comes from abandoned plastic waste, the so-called “Ocean Bound Plastic” (OBP). To date, most organizations are only collecting OBP that can be sold for recycling, neglecting most abandoned plastic waste.

But how to enable plastic collectors to collect all types of plastic? How to create a tool that allows tracking the life of plastic abandoned waste in nature and confirm its proper management? How to create a network of professionals working together for a plastic-free ocean?

To answer these questions, Zero Plastic Oceans created the Ocean Bound Plastic certifications and labels. Aiming to certify that plastic waste is correctly collected and managed, this legal tool offers a complete and transparent vision of the waste’s fate.

Composed of professionals from sustainable development, waste management and environmental certification backgrounds, Zero Plastic Oceans works for a clean and healthy ocean every day.

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