Find Recycled OBP suppliers

The following organizations are interested to sell certified Ocean Bound Plastic or related products, please contact them directly as ZPO is not involved in the commercialization of certified OBP products.

Polygenta Technologies Ltd.India

  • Undyed Partially oriented yarns - polyester 100% Recycled post-consumer

  • Undyed Draw Textured Yarns- polyester; 100% Recycled post-consumer

  • Undyed Fully Drawn yarns - polyester; 100% Recycled post-consumer

  •  Chips - polyester; 100% Recycled post-consumer

Mr. Sandeep Nevatia
Plastics For Change India

  • rPET bales / flakes & granules 

  •  Polyester Fibers

  • Polyester filament 

  • Food grade rPET

  • rPP bales / flakes & granules 

  • rHDPE bales / flakes & granules 

  • Merchandise / apparel 

Please visit to submit your query and someone from our customer happiness team will get back to you within 2-3 business days



Dalmia Polypro Industries Private LimitedIndia

  • rPET Hot Washed Flakes

  • rPET Granules

  • rPET B2B Granules

  • Polyolefin Granules

Alliance Fibres Ltd - Greenfil®India

  • rPET Staple Fibres

  • rPET Filament Yarns (POY/DTY/FDY)

  • rPET Ropes (Twisted/Braided)

  • rPET Flakes

  • rPET Fabrics

  • Polypropylene (PP) lumps 

  • PP-HDPE Mix grinding

Mon ExportsIndia

  • Backpacks

  • Fanny packs

  • Duffle Bags

  • Dog Leashes

  • Dog Collars

  • Wallets

  • Crossbody Bags

  • Messenger Bags

  • Tote Bags

  • Cosmetic Cases

  • Toiletry Cases

  • Padfolios

  • Briefcases

  • Laptop Bags

  • Travel Organizers

  • Drawstring Dust Bags

  • Keyrings

  • Belts

  • Laptop Sleeves

  • Sling Bags

  • Brush cases

  • etc

Recron® GreenGold from Reliance Industries LimitedIndia

  • Polyester fiber (Recron® GreenGold ) with waste PET bottles from 100 % OBP route only

DY PolymerKorea

  • Food grade PCR rPET Chips

Alex Kim
Diyou Fibre (M) Sdn Bhd Malaysia

  • PET flakes

  • PET fibre

  • PET strap

  • HDPE resin

  • PP resin

Heng Hiap Industries Sdn Bhd - Plashaus OceanMalaysia

  • rPP resin

  • rPET resin

  • rPE resin

Pinnacle Fiber Private LimitedPakistan

  • Polyester staple fiber

  • Textile Filling Fibers

  • Textile Spinning Fibers

Yeosu Gwangyang Port AuthorityRepublic of Korea

  • Polyester bales

SEArcular by GreencoreSingapore

  • PET (r-PET OBP)

  • PP (r-PP OBP)

  • PC (r-PC OBP)


  • HDPE (r- HDPE OBP)

  • PS (r- PS OBP)

Taita Recycling Resources (Thailand) CO.,Ltd Thailand

  • OBP pure white rPET flakes

  • white&blue rPET flakes

  • Blue rPET flakes

  • Semi-dull rPET chips

  • Bright rPET chips

Hansen Hu
Hansen Hu
Morssinkhof PlasticsThe Netherlands

  • rPET pellets produced with MOPEt Technology. But we can also offer rPET flakes and preform based on MOPET OBP

Dutch PET Recycling BVThe Netherlands

  • Ocean rPET Flakes

Pakway LtdUnited Kingdom

  • rPET sheet for use in plastic food and non food packaging

Sapphire Packaging Co.,ltdVietnam

  • PP woven shopping bag

  • Recycling pellets

Ms Trang
Ms Ha

  • PP shopping bag

  • R_Pet Shopping bag

Ms Trang
Ms Tuyet
Tridi Oasis GroupIndonesia

  • rPET Flakes

  • Recycled Multi Layer Plastic

Farhandra Ramdhani
Dian Kurniawati
iSAACMA (HK) Co. Ltd.Hong Kong

  • rPET Pellets (OBP) Yarns Extrusion grade

  • rPET Pellets (OBP) Injection Molding grade

  • rPP Pellets (OBP)

  • rPET Polyester Yarns (OBP)

  • rPET Polyester Fabric (OBP)

  • rPET Polyester Laces (OBP)

  • rPET Polyester Webbing (OBP)

  • rPET Polyester Flyknit (OBP)

  • Bags made by rPET Polyester (OBP)

Mr. Isaac MA
AVI Global Plast Pvt Ltd

  • rPET Sheets (with OBP) - For printing, box-making, lamination, thermoforming, lidding & anti-static applications

  • rPET heat-seal trays & punnets (with OBP)- For fresh produce

  • rPET air-tight containers (with OBP) - For bakery, snacks & dry food

  • rPET blister packs (with OBP) - For stationery, beauty, personal & home care applications


  • rPET sorted & washed flakes

  • rPET granules

  • rPET fibres

  • rPET yarn

  • rPET textiles

  • rPP sorted & washed flakes

  • rPP granules

  • rHDPE sorted & washed flakes

  • rHDPE granules

  • rHDPE powder

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