Obp recycling certification subprogram

A solution to fight the plastic pollution

What is the purpose of the Ocean Bound Plastic Recycling certification subprogram?

The Ocean Bound Plastic Recycling certification asserts the origin of Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP) waste from the first collection point and guarantees the traceability of recycled OBP waste until a new product is created. Implemented by Zero Plastic Oceans, this certification targets commercially* recyclable OBP plastic waste.

To certify the whole value chain, this certification subprogram uses two certification standards:

Collection organizations willing to provide enhanced social benefits to waste pickers and their own employees can additionally use the Social+ OBP Component

* Commercially recyclable refers to an OBP waste that can be sold locally to recyclers for a price that renders its collection attractive to waste pickers or collection organizations.

Who can apply?


Organizations collecting OBP waste




Companies incorporating recycled OBP in their products



What is being verified and certified?

The certification guarantees the respect of social, environmental, quality and traceability criteria:

  • no child labour
  • fair working conditions
  • fair payments to the waste pickers
  • adequate waste management
  • having a quality management system
  • respect of OBP collection criteria from the first level of collection
  • traceability of OBP all along its journey

How to get the Ocean Bound Plastic Recycling  certification and label?

For improved transparency and guaranteeing the absence of conflict of interest, OBP certifications are delivered by independent certification bodies that are approved by ZPO, but not by ZPO itself. To get certified, please contact a certification body from the list available here .

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