What are OBP credits?


OBP Credits are a type of plastic credits focused on removing from nature low value* Ocean Bound Plastic. Each OBP Credit is equivalent to 1Kg of low value OBP that has been removed from the environment and adequately treated by a certified organization.

OBP Credits are only issued by a certified project (to this standard: OBP-NEU-STD). Each credit corresponds to the effective removal and treatment of OBP by the project, and verified by the certification body. The OBP Certification Program does not allow forecasted or estimated plastic credits.

OBP Credit issuance and retirement are tracked in the public registry held by Zero Plastic Oceans.

* In the OBP certification program this plastic waste is named Non-Commercially Recyclable OBP, it means all plastic waste that cannot be sold for recycling profitably and therefore is never collected.

Certified Project Collecting and treating a volume of OBP

Verification of the work done by a third party certification Body

Issuance of the corresponding OBP Credits

Tracking of the OBP Credits in ZPO´s registry

How can OBP Credits be used?

OBP Credits are tradable environmental commodities that can be purchased by companies willing to use them as offset as part of their plastic footprint reduction and mitigation strategies.

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    Plastic Footprint Identification

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    Reduction of unecessary usage

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    Optimization of internal operations related to circularity

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    Offsetting of incompressible plastic usage by purchasing OBP Credits

What are OBP Credits key benefits?

Purchasing OBP Credits means :

  • That you are financing a project that removes from nature plastic waste that would not be collected otherwise. It ensures that this project would not have happened without your plastic credit purchase and that a real environmental benefit is generated.
  • That you are helping waste pickers to earn more money (by collecting more types of plastic waste, they collect and sell more volume) and obtain better working conditions (as the certified project must respect ethical and social criteria).
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