Inspiring Stories 02 : Mon Exports

From Ocean Bound Plastic to fashion bags!

Three Indian and a German organizations team up to create Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP) fashion and sustainable bags. Plastic For Change (OBP collector), Alliance Fibers (recycler), Mon Exports (manufacturer) and Fitz & Huxley (brand owner) have been collaborating over the last 1 year to offer top quality products to consumers across the world.

Mon Exports, takes its social contribution seriously. The company creates bags and luggage for their customers, and has traditionally relied on materials such as leather, canvas, cork, jute and rattan. Realizing that its clients and end customers were becoming increasingly concerned with environmental issues and sustainability, Mon Exports – committed to creating a sustainable item. Having identified several options, recycling OBP became the answer.
Determined to innovate and become a pioneer in sustainable fabric, Mon Exports set up a supply chain to produce the quality and quantities required for its new collection.

They contacted Plastic For Change, an organization already certified with the Ocean Bound Plastic Recycling label to partner and become the collecting entity they would officially work with.

“Getting the collected OBP transformed into a suitable fabric was complex.” explains Biswadeep Ghosh, owner and founder of Mon Exports. “The main issue was the volume: main recyclers working with traditional plastic waste were not easily interested at first in a new smaller production of OBP certified products.”

“This project was co-developed with our longtime partner Fitz & Huxley– who inspired us to create this new OBP supply chain. In a pursuit to create environmental conscious products the new OCEAN line was just the next logical step. Each product is water-repellent and features spacious interior zipper-pockets: both sustainability and convenience are promoted.” argues Biswadeep Ghosh.

This new OBP products offering already represents a significant share of Mon Exports business, less than one year after the initial certification, proving that protection of the environment and social benefits for all workers can go hand in hand.

Discover the “Ocean Collection” bags :

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