Inspiring Stories 03 : Heng Hiap Industries

When nothing out of Ocean Bound Plastic gets wasted!

Heng Hiap Industries (HHI) is a Malaysian grown-owned recycler specializing in high-value plastic. The company developed a business model where 100% of the Ocean Bound Plastic collected is recycled or valorized, resulting in a zero-waste business model!

Heng Hiap Industries (HHI) traditionally produces recycled plastic out of post-consumer and industrial resins, focusing on delivering high-quality recycled products that can be used for high-end applications. Since 2020, HHI is committed to collect and reuse collected OBP in the coastal and river areas of Johor (Malaysia).

“When collecting OBP, HHI does not stop at the usual categories (PET, HDPE, PP) and collects 100% of the plastic found on coasts and river banks. We want to have a positive impact on the environment: if we collect only what is easily recyclable, leaving more than 80% of the pollution on site is not acceptable.” Says Kian Seah, founder of HHI.

Based on this assertion, how to valorize plastic waste when not recyclable? HHI implemented a process that transform OBP into energy. Items that are not mechanically recyclable are sent to a pyrolysis unit, that produces power for the recycling plant in the form of electricity and some feedstock usable for further refining.

This application is eligible under the OBP program to issue OBP Credits because it is focused on OBP that has no commercial value in the recycling market. HHI stated to issue OBP Credits as a complement to its recycling activities, credits that are available for companies willing to offset their plastic footprint to purchase.

Taking full advantage of the OBP Certifications Program, HHI lead the plastic recycling industry by example, showing how one can generate a value for 100% of the OBP waste collected and protect natural resources at the same time.

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