New Social Enhanced OBP component!

About the new development

Zero Plastic Oceans is exited to launch the creation process for a new component of the OBP Certification Program!

This new component will bring highly enhanced social benefits to workers in organizations doing OBP collection on one part. And it will ensure that waste pickers are included in the circular economy and receive their fair share of the value chain on the other part.

This component will contain unique and novel requirements to ensure waste pickers inclusiveness going deep into the details, asking for concrete actions into subjects that really matter like:

  • Minimum prices and premiums,
  • child protection,
  • health and safety,
  • support towards formalization,
  • and empowerment.

We are hopefull this option will bring significant impact and a path towards a much needed change in the waste picking activity. Stay tuned and please join us in the development of this component! All ideas are needed!

Option development process

The Social Enhanced OBP+ component is being developped openly and transparently, following the below process:

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    Draft development with a multistakeholder working group

    28 Feb to 17 May 2023

  • null

    Publication of the draft for public comments

    17 May to 17 July 2023

  • null

    Incorporation of public comments and final review by key stakeholders

    17 July to 7th September 2023 (max)

  • null

    Publication of the new Social Enhanced OBP+ component

    8th September 2023 or earlier

You want to be included in the public revision process?

Everybody will get a chance to review the draft document once it is published on this webpage. But if you want to be sure to receive a copy of the document by email please send us a note via our contact form so we put you on the delivery list.

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