first OBP Certification in Pakistan – Pinnacle Fiber´s experience

first OBP Certification in Pakistan – Pinnacle Fiber´s experience

first OBP Certification in Pakistan – Pinnacle Fiber´s experience 1012 672 Ocean Bound Plastic Certification

Pinnacle Fiber became the first company to obtain the Ocean Bound Plastic Certification in Pakistan, both for Collection and Recycling of OBP. Ali Akbar, in charge of Business Development tells us a bit more about their motivations through this interview

Could you describe Pinnacle Fiber?
Pinnacle Fiber (Pvt) Limited is a Pakistan-based regenerated polyester company, specializing in polyester staple fibers made from recycled, post-consumer PET plastic bottles. Our commitment is to high-quality textile production through environmentally-friendly manufacturing. We have the vision to reduce the dependence on natural resources, and produce a variety of quality renewable products, and contribute to an environmentally-friendly economy. And our mission is :

  • Reuse waste and conserve natural resources
  • Use state of the art recycling technologies
  • Expand and diversify our recycling capabilities.

Why is the Ocean Bound Plastic certification important for your company?
sea, shore-lines, rivers, water way plastic free and indeed be known for it! We tend to lead by example. Waters are not for industrial dump their protection is our responsibility

How does this certification helps support your company´s environmental policies?
We intend to demonstrate leadership by action. This certification is testament of our core values and our objective is to manufacture environmentally friendly products. This includes collecting waste from where it matters: our vast oceans, coastlines, beautiful lakes, rivers, waterways and majestic mountains.! By being the first we hope to lead and promote the Pakistani business community move towards sustainable practices.
To manage, rescue, reuse and reduce this plastic waste and transfigure it back into the economy with new life diverting it from oceans and waterway is the example we aim to set for all life-sustaining products.

What challenges did you face in preparing for audit?
Waste management is an undeveloped, neglected and informal sector in Pakistan due to an absent municipality and the fragmented nature of rag picking.  Therefore, developing and educating registered and compliant ragpickers and incentivizing them towards waste picking from high-priority ocean bound zones was a challenge.

How long did it take for your company to get certified?
The process took 8 months, and this long-haul time frame is attributed to two factors: Pinnacle Fiber is the first organization in the country to be OBP which meant a lot of back and forth was done in understanding the finer points for the audit. Second the rigorous demands of the audit itself meant making preparations and changes on an operational level to be fit to meet the certification criteria.  These include, trainings, logistics, health and safety and registration compliances.

What benefit are you expecting to get from the OBP certification?
Market Leadership. Being the first we are setting the bar.

What advice would you give to other organizations applying for the Ocean Bound Plastic certifications?
Do it! The more the merrier. If we all keep streamlining the process and following sensible guideline and adding economics to recycling the whole industry becomes a matter of fact for everyone. Corporations that benefit from an ocean free plastic will translate to cleaner beaches and much a much happier marine life. Governance, cooperation’s and individual all levels must contribute positively to the Earth that cradles us

For any information about Pinnacle or their experience with the OBP certification, feel free to contact:
1) Abdus-Samad – General Manager
2) Khursheed Zaman – Compliance Officer
3) Ali Akbar – Business Development

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