“OCEAN BOUND PLASTIC NEUTRAL”: a new environmental label to neutralize plastic contamination

“OCEAN BOUND PLASTIC NEUTRAL”: a new environmental label to neutralize plastic contamination

“OCEAN BOUND PLASTIC NEUTRAL”: a new environmental label to neutralize plastic contamination 2048 1366 Ocean Bound Plastic Certification

Control Union and Zero Plastic Oceans are launching a new component to their Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP) certification  program. Initially designed to encourage the recycling of OBP, this program has been reinforced by the introduction of a label promoting the collection and proper disposal of non-recyclable OBP. Two certification subprograms are now available: the “Recyclable Ocean Bound Plastic Certification” and the new “Ocean Bound Plastic Neutrality Certification.”


The new certification subprogram is a Plastic Neutrality model where different companies, using or producing plastic, will be able to compensate their plastic footprint by purchasing neutralization certificates. The neutralization certificates (plastic credits) are emitted by organizations specialized in the collection and treatment (through disposal or valorization) of non- recyclable OBP waste.The sub certification program includes two standards guaranteeing the respect of the whole neutralization chain. The first standard is applicable to companies willing to compensate their plastic footprint and to become “OBP Neutral”. The second one is applicable to organizations collecting and treating non-recyclable OBP for which they issue neutralization certificates.

Audits are peformed by independent certification bodies and each neutralization certificate is verified and publicly registered to ensure transparency, traceability and reliability of the compensation system.

The OBP Neutral Label ensures consumers and certification holders that:


  • The plastic used to make the product has been effectively compensated in the best possible way to protect oceans;
  • No Child labor has been used in the whole chain of collection and treatment of plastic waste, nor in the product manufacturing;
  • Waste pickers have been paid a fair price for their work;
  • All OBP collected has been treated to the highest available environmental standards;
  • All actors on the value chain respect international social and environmental standards.


Vincent Decap, Co-Founder of Zero Plastic Oceans explains: “Reducing marine plastic pollution means acting on all levers: Reduce, Substitute, Recycle, Dispose, Mismanaged.  Extending the scope of our Ocean Bound Plastic Certification program is a way to tackle both the Recyling and Mismanaged Waste challenges. By delivering two complementary certification subprograms, one focusing on recyclable plastic and the other one on non-recyclable plastic, the collection of all type of plastic waste is encouraged. Thus, the Ocean Bound Plastic certification promotes a complete job which really make a difference for wildlife and the environment”.


Robert Demianew, vice president of Control Union North America: “We must find viable solutions for the immense challenges to plastic waste.  This new subprogram enables companies not directly involved in the supply chain to further support their efforts to tackle non-recyclable waste by compensating for the safe disposal of equivalent amounts used. This subprogram will  create a new opportunity for companies to commit to reducing their environmental impacts by offsetting it against 3rd party verified volumes.”

The “Ocean Bound Plastic Neutralization Certification” is a unique opportunity to deliver a step-change in the fight against plastic pollution and kickstarts a global cooperation towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 14.

Together with the “OBP Recyclable Certification”, this subprogram has been developed in collaboration with companies from the recycling market like Heng Hiap Industries (Malaysian plastic recycling leader) and actors of the Plastic Neutrality like TONTOTON (Vietnam) and other NGOs involved in ocean protection.

The program is open for applications and all relevant information are available online: www.obpcert.org.

You can download the press release here


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