OBP certification now featured on Ubuntoo’s website!

OBP certification now featured on Ubuntoo’s website!

OBP certification now featured on Ubuntoo’s website! 2048 1152 Ocean Bound Plastic Certification

Zero Plastic Oceans and Control Union newly released Ocean Bound Plastic certification is now featured in Ubuntoo’s database as a solution against plastic pollution and for sustainable fashion.

This new certification for Ocean Bound Plastic is transparent thanks to published standards and third party audit. We trust it will support greater clarity in the recyclable Ocean Bound Plastic market for brands and customers and overall help reduce the plastic waste reaching our oceans.

Transparency is important when talking about a new a fashionable market like the Ocean Bound Plastic or Ocean Plastic markets. First of all to enable consumers to differentiate between Ocean Plastic which come from marine litter collect in the sea (floating plastic, or gosht nets most usually) and Ocean Bound Plastic that is at risk of getting carried away into the ocean.

Ocean Bound Plastic has a relatively ample definition since most people agree that it is abandoned plastic waste within 50km form the coast. However in practice many organizations collecting this Ocean Bound Plastic do it with an aim of protecting oceans and focus on much closer to shores or river plastic.

Additionally in the certification developed Zero Plastic Oceans has created 3 categories of Ocean Bound Plastic, 2 of which are very close to the shore and rivers. These categories are called Shoreline OBP and Waterways OBP, they focus on abandoned plastic waste within 200m from shores and rivers so that the environmental impact of buying this categories is a lot greater. you can read some more here.

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